Sunday, April 14, 2013

Breeann visits!!!!

We were so, so excited and happy to have Bree come stay with us for a week!  (Thanks Devin for sharing her with us, we miss her!)

When I left my house to pick her up it was about 85 degrees.  When I dropped her off at the airport a week later it was warm and sunny.  The entire time in between it was cold and windy and cloudy!!  :(  We survived just fine but it was kind of a bummer.

The kids didn't know she was coming, which was such a fun surprise.  When we got to the airport and saw her, they were pretty speechless!!  We picked Marty up in the city and headed down to Pier 39.  We ate dinner (Carter somehow finagled a free sourdough turtle bread which made him VERY happy...pays to be so super social!) and walked around the pier for a bit.  We also had Ghiradelli's but I didn't take any pictures of that!

 The rest of these pictures are a little out of order, but here are a few of the things we did.   This is us in front of the Full House house.  Addison was terrified we were going to get in trouble taking pictures of someone's house so she would have nothing to do with it.  Plus, sadly, my kids have never watched Full House so they didn't think it was as cool as we did!  ;)
 We were able to watch most of General Conference, and Addison was excited to set up the Conference Concessions stand that she read about in the Friend magazine last month.  It was fun!  And I think they did pay a little better attention.
 Soccer game!  (cold, sadly, since we have been toasty warm at the other 2 games she has had this season).  She is doing awesome actually!  It's been so fun to watch, and she LOVES it.  She is much more aggressive and tough, and even scored a goal at their first game.
 We spent a little time at the beach.  Actually the sun was kind of out, although it was still a little cool.  We were on our way to the Ripley's museum and his pants were soaked and sandy so I just hung them out the window to dry on the way there.  It worked!  Possibly because we got off the freeway right when the Giants game ended and we SAT. IN. TRAFFIC. for close to an hour.  yuck!  But plenty of time for the pants to dry.
 Getting ready for a sleepover (please notice Carter's cute hair).

 Marty was working like crazy so we didn't get to spend a lot of time with him, but he did come meet us for lunch at an awesome Farmer's market in Concord.
 Carter had a little playdate so the girls decided .we needed a pedicure.  It was a little bit of an adventure but we were glad we did it anyway.

 Of course the kids had to have their haircuts done by Bree!

 This was at the Oakland temple (cloudy and it had been raining so we couldn't even go on the roof) but so, so beautiful!

 This was just a cute display in the Visitor's Center.

 Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge.  Foggy and cold!

 We made it to Ripley's finally and had a fun time!  This is the world's tallest man.  wow.
 Any guesses what this is made out of?

Push-pins.  Crazy, huh?
Of course we ate a lot!  This is S'mores (cold outside!) but oh so delicious.  We couldn't decide between traditional or Fudge Stripes so we did both! 

Saying good bye!  We miss her already.  
We were lucky to have so many years with her so close to us in Utah!  We love you Bree!  Thanks for everything!