Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another week of fun (and work)

Kids have been having a blast in the pool every day.  We invited a couple of the girls from Addison's church class to come swim and have lunch last week.  They all had a great time!
 Carter got to play on his Kindergarten playground on registration day, and he can't wait to start school and be able to play on it every day.
 We had all of our carpet upstairs ripped up and now Marty is working hard to get ready for the carpet to go in on Monday.
 Last night we went to a GIANTS game.

SO MUCH FUN (although cold!) especially because we got to go with Rachel and Ben!  They are in town for the weekend and we were super happy to spend part of their getaway with them.  

Friday, August 17, 2012

Little Farm

The kids and I went on a little outing today to "Little Farm" in Berkeley.

 Carter's vision of heaven.  Dirt, water, sticks, rocks and sunshine.
 A beautiful view on our way home:
 And I was thinking someday when Carter quits getting chocolate all over his face when he eats ice cream, I will miss it.  Maybe.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

summer in San Francisco

We took a fun, cold and foggy boat ride on the bay on Saturday.  This carrier ship was HUGE (and we learned these boats create 50% of all pollution, crazy!)
We went under the Golden Gate Bridge, which we could hardly see at all.
 Sadly we had to stop because there was a flare on the water, indicating a jumper off the bridge.  Once the rescue people showed up we left, but we never did see anyone (thankfully!).
 And the highlight of Addison's life to this point (or the weekend at least) was riding in a LIMO!  She was so, so, so excited and cute about it.
 And then Carter who is always cute, even when he's being a stinker!  (Which he is both in this picture)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

just moving...again...

Nothing terribly exciting going on here, just moving...again... :)  But we are here.  With lots and lots of little (and big) projects.
 Packing up the apartment.  (Carter of course built a fort, which wasn't in the way at all).
I can't believe how much work it was just getting from the apartment to the house, I didn't feel like we had that much stuff!!  But, it's us.  Of course we did
 The kids have been swimming every day and every night.  We do love the pool.  It's nice to have it while they are little so hopefully there will be lots of years of lots of use.
 Our storage unit is still packed!  We did go over yesterday and get some more of our big stuff, and as soon as our flooring is done we should be able to get almost all of the rest of it.
 And..someone very cute is turning TEN tomorrow!!!  We plan to spend the day at Six Flags.  She decided she wants an oreo ice cream cake and cake pops so we decided to make them tonight.

More Santa Cruz

 This is real.  This is his face whenever he rides a big ride.  He is gripping on for dear life but he LOVES it...well, I think he loves it, he immediately says he wants to do it again.  Every time.

Always a good time at Santa Cruz.  The kids don't mind the water at all, but it is cold!!