Monday, June 17, 2013


I have known and loved this girl longer than anyone else I know (who is not related to me).  
Our older brothers were all friends before we were even born, and when I was born, her mom made me a tiny green outfit that I still have.  We were both the youngest and when I started kindergarten we walked to school together, with our brothers, every day.  We have never stopped being friends.  She is an amazing woman and I wish I could be with her right now.  This will have to do.  Love you!  

He's officially a 1st grader!

And so darn cute!
 His kindergarten teachers were so, super fantastic!  We loved them both so much and are going to miss them like crazy!  I'm so glad we had such great teachers, we left a super amazing teacher in Utah and I really didn't think anyone could compare.  But these super ladies were awesome!
 They had a party on the last day and he got his face painted, just showing it off (naturally he requested Mickey Mouse on one side, Pooh Bear on the other!)