Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Berkley had some surgery a couple days before Christmas that has required a cone.  It's been interesting.  ;) 
 Last year on Christmas Eve, Addison lost a tooth.  This year on Christmas Eve, Carter did.  This picture kills me!  So funny!  :)

We brought this 1000 piece puzzle home from Disneyland last month to do while Marty's parents were here for Christmas.  It was nearly impossible.  Tiny pieces, they all fit in every spot, but it was good because it kept everyone busy...
 Christmas morning!

 Carter and Grandma took a break from giant puzzle and worked on something a little smaller and more manageable!

 The day after Christmas we drove out to Santa Cruz and were pleasantly surprised to find the weather super sunny and warm!

 More of that dang puzzle!
 The demolition of the horrid 1970's shed on the side of our house--fun project for the boys, especially Carter!
The puzzle was finished!  YAY!

We had a great Christmas, and enjoyed having Marty's parents here for the week!  We are excited for 2014 and the experiences it will bring.  Happy New Year!