Sunday, July 7, 2013

Out of the ordinary Disneyland activities

So we haven't done Disneyland in the summer before.  There were definitely bigger crowds, and it was definitely hot!  But, we had just as much fun and did several things we have never done before which was great!  I just wanted to post all the "new" stuff we did this trip.

Back behind Big Thunder Mountain (which is under construction still) is a little petting zoo which was SO cute and not crowded at all.

 Cute Minnie and Mickey all decked out in their western wear back in that area.  So cute!  Carter told them "you look very nice today" which they of course loved.
 They had coloring pages so Carter colored a picture of Woody and then ran over and gave it to him.  Gotta love those sweet Disney characters!

 They also moved Billy and the Hillbillies over to this area.  It was a cute little show, so glad we "discovered" this area.  We will probably eat the BBQ buffet they have next time cause you know we love food.

Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln: This theater was beautiful inside and the animatronic Abe Lincoln was pretty cool too.  Kids may have been a tiny bit bored, but it was good for them!  This exhibit has been there since the 1950's!

We also saw the flag retiring ceremony one evening which was pretty cool and felt very patriotic.  One of the things that I ADORE about Disneyland is that they are patriotic and Christian.  I appreciated their Christmas songs when we were there in December that were about Christ.

Fireworks EVERY night!

There is a new show called Mickey and the magical map which was super cute and fun!  
(notice the guy is INSIDE of that balloon/ball)

 Marty and the kids wanted ice cream, so I went and got a frozen lemonade and sat and relaxed by myself for a little while.  It was so delightful!  :)
 Blue Cellar.  We have done this before, but not recently and not since the Fanstasy Faire model/conceptual idea was on display.  After seeing this it was fun to go over to this area in Disneyland and see everything.  We especially liked the big music box.

Grizzly Bear Rapids.  yes Carter looks like he has his hand on a pregnant belly but I'm still posting it cause this was his FAVORITE ride.  We have never done it before and we all loved it.  It was awesome on such hot days.  Next time we go we want to stay at Grand Californian so we can go a bunch of times and then go back to the room and change (assuming it's not 100 degrees again).
 Playing in the water in Bugs Land.
 (we are all just watching Carter get soaked!)
We also went to the 4-D show that we have done once before several years ago.  It's super cute!   The flash blinded Carter so he hurried an covered his eyes.  Silly kid! 

The Carousal.  Another one that we have done before but not in a long time!

Fun to find less crowded areas and not feel rushed. 
I will post more pictures of the rest of our trip soon.  Including several things Carter got us just for being cute and talking to every Disney employee in the park!  :)