Sunday, August 5, 2012

just moving...again...

Nothing terribly exciting going on here, just moving...again... :)  But we are here.  With lots and lots of little (and big) projects.
 Packing up the apartment.  (Carter of course built a fort, which wasn't in the way at all).
I can't believe how much work it was just getting from the apartment to the house, I didn't feel like we had that much stuff!!  But, it's us.  Of course we did
 The kids have been swimming every day and every night.  We do love the pool.  It's nice to have it while they are little so hopefully there will be lots of years of lots of use.
 Our storage unit is still packed!  We did go over yesterday and get some more of our big stuff, and as soon as our flooring is done we should be able to get almost all of the rest of it.
 And..someone very cute is turning TEN tomorrow!!!  We plan to spend the day at Six Flags.  She decided she wants an oreo ice cream cake and cake pops so we decided to make them tonight.


  1. so jealous of your pool! Fun fun. happy birthday Addison early!

  2. Man I'm missing you guys so much right now! It kills me that we could have been there right now!!! I wish we could be there to celebrate with Addison. We hope she has the best birthday! Love you guys ♥

  3. You are a super Mom, hope you have a great birthday Addison!

  4. Wow Jen! She is so beautiful! She is turning into a young woman!! Yikes!! I still remember her walking around the chairs in Sunday School when she was just a babe. Happy Birthday Addison!

  5. Happy Birthday Addison! Wish we could bring you over a little treat! I can't wait to see more pictures of the house.