Friday, July 20, 2012

catching up with pictures

Nothing too exciting going on lately.  We have been hanging out at our house lately, doing a few things so the kids are loving the pool!

 And the park that is right around the corner.  It's super cute, and has tennis courts and a nice walking trail.

 We actually had to drain about half the water from our pool and fill it up which took FOREVER!
Naturally we took the time to get a 75 cent  dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme (which means we had 2 dozen donuts for the 4 of us to eat...I'll let you do the math!)
 Lots of time at Home Depot.  The kids (do not!) love it!
 We are having our ceiling's scraped before we move in...what a mess...glad we are not doing that ourselves!
 Carter wants to "make something" every minute of every day.  These are binoculars made from water bottles, paper plates and duct tape.  He uses so much duct tape we had to buy more yesterday.  He's gone though an entire roll!
 And this is Addison's favorite spot.  On the laptop on my unmade bed.  Webkinz.
We are still having lots of fun!  We are excited to get into our house though.  We will move all of our apartment stuff in by August 1st and then once the floors are all done we will get all of our stuff out of storage, hopefully the next week.  

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  1. Yay!! So happy for you guys! Looks like a stellar place. You know I will be coming to visit ya! You will love the pool! My kids are out there All. The. Time. Lucky you don't have to do all the dirty work on the place. Seriously...LUCKY!!!