Sunday, September 23, 2012

Space Shuttle Endeavor

Is this making the news everywhere, or just here in CA?
Because it's pretty incredible!

So, the recently returned from space Space Shuttle Endeavor is being retired to a museum in Los Angeles.  It was attached to the top of a 747 and on Friday flew (very low and slowly) from Northern California to Southern California.  It went over the Golden Gate Bridge and a few other specific locations, but no plans to fly directly over here where we live.

After school on Friday, Addison tells me that during her recess, IT FLEW DIRECTLY OVER HER SCHOOL!  It wasn't scheduled to fly over us, as far as anyone knew, so it came as a surprise, and she just lucked out to be outside at recess.  I wish the school would have known so all of the kids could have seen it, but that didn't happen.

She gave a very detailed description and was thrilled to have witnessed this piece of history!  Very exciting!


  1. How cool! My dad was in southern California last week and he was able to snap a picture on his phone and then sent it to us. I would've loved to see it in person. I'm sure that will be a great memory for Addison!