Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fun in the Sun

The kids and I headed to Vegas a couple of days before Thanksgiving.  My mom picked us up and we went right to Ethel M. to see the lights.  I love this picture!  I have such a cute mom!  And kids.  :)

 The kids just love being at my mom's and playing with her little closet of toys, and Maggie.

 We headed to town center to see Santa (picture to be inserted here).  He was AWESOME!  And the kids rode the train.

 Marty joined us on Tuesday night, and we headed up to St. George on Wednesday.  We got to swim at Marty's parents pool, and the kids all tried to gang up on Marty.  He always wins.
 Love just hanging out with family!  My brother Jeff and sister-in-law Lesa hosted us all (both of their families, Marty's family, and a few others).  I think there was 35 of us!

 I love this picture of Carter!  He played so hard the whole week

 The Jones' drove down from West Jordan and Addison and Katie were so excited to be back together again for a couple of days!!
 Love this of Carter and Brielle...they said a quick hello and started running and climbing (we met up to do a little hiking on the Dixie hill).

 Marty's niece Tyler is always fun!  We love having her around!

  The day after Thanksgiving we headed to the St. George temple to see the lights.

 The girls were able to have a sleepover, and of course put a little show on for us.

 On Saturday we went out to Tuachan to see the live Nativity and Santa.  And this picture makes me laugh. 

 Saying Good-bye to the Jones'.  I think Brie does NOT want Carter's kiss!  :)
 Group hug!


  1. ahhhh love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing! We loved seeing you guys, it was lots of fun!

    1. We are so so glad you guys came down! It was so great!!!