Tuesday, August 6, 2013

too many things to blog about!

I have been wanting to blog, but honestly too many things to blog about and not enough time to give each post what it deserves.

So, sometime in the (hopefully) near-ish future, the following posts will appear:

12 hour visit with best friend Amy

crazy (but fun) NYC trip, including some church history


best friend Amy funeral (blah!)

Redwoods in a great cabin and time with the Jones'

Wilcox family visits, and we celebrate Addison's bday a couple of days early with them and the Jones'

Addison's actual birthday...yay for 11!

blogging while I wait for clothes to dry so I can pack for one last trip where we leave our house at 4 a.m. (okay not really a post, just what I am doing at the moment)

and, finally our trip to Louisiana to see our favorite Elder Stewart return home from Africa (yay for Hunter!)

Oh ya, and the fact that I bought Addison a ticket to fly home from Las Vegas by herself.  She's so excited!


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