Thursday, October 17, 2013

After Utah we went to the Redwoods

The Jones' came to visit!  They were at our house for a day and a half and then we headed to the Redwoods. We drove through beautiful Napa Valley on our way..
 This is the kids all crammed in the back of the Jones' car to drive through the giant tree.
 Marty had to get out to direct Greg through....there was about an inch of wiggle room, maybe.
 Mirrors pulled in and Jami able to touch the tree without even really being outside of the car.
 We made it!!
 Jami found a cute little cabin for us to stay in on a really amazing produce farm.  We had access to all of the fruit and veggies we wanted.  It was GREAT!  This is only part of their garden.  We loved it, but the kids REALLY loved it!  They could just roam around, hide in the corn stalks, pick whatever they wanted, chase the cat and dog, and just be dirty and happy.

oh those blackberries.  So, so, soooo delicious!  They just grew wild EVERYWHERE.  We ate so many!  They were so good on this salad! 

 Just walking down the street and eating more berries.
 The trees were MASSIVE!

 (Addison could not have been any happier to have this little girl along!)

When we left the cabin, we stopped by a glass beach.  Real pieces of glass made smooth from the ocean.  It was pretty cool!

And then we headed home for a few more days with the Jones'.  This was just when we came out of the Redwoods and got to the coast.   California is so beautiful!

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