Monday, April 2, 2012

Last minute House Hunting trip

Marty has been working in CA a ton this month, and hasn't had much time to look at houses.  So, I decided to head down and look at a few that we have seen online.  I saw a bunch, and even found a couple that I thought were great!  We were planning on him  being able to come look at them on Saturday, but he was working constantly and we didn't get to.  
I spent a lot of time on Bart over the weekend (Marty reminded me about when we took the kids Carter kept asking "where is he?) 
 Walked around a rather frightening part of the city
 had a fun view from the hotel room
 went to the mall (yes, this beautiful ceiling is at the mall).  Actually, the only things I bought were at Ross, which was the craziest, hugest Ross anywhere I am sure.  Not sure I will ever go back to that store.  Seriously, it was nuts!
 And actually got to go out to dinner!  While at dinner, we got an email about a house in the area we have been looking, so Sunday morning we rented a car, drove across the bridge, saw the house, decided to put an offer on it, and I got to Bart to go back into the city to the airport with literally about 5 seconds to spare.
 I made it home and here is a sneak peak of the house we HOPE we get...apparently we are not the only offer so, we'll see, but I'm crossing my fingers.  If not, we'll keep looking, but just an update for today.


  1. does the house have purple trim? Brielle would LOVE it! :) So glad you had a GREAT trip! Love the picture of you and Marty, you look so happy! ♥

  2. Oh yay!! You know I am coming out to visit you once you are all settled don't you!! Hope you get it!