Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Offer

We are putting an offer on this cute house this weekend.  They have had it on the market about a week and will go over offers on Monday.  It is darling inside, has a pond right next to it, tennis courts, trails, and backs up to a park.  So, although the yard is a little smaller than we have been looking at, and it is only a 2 car garage, we are still going to put an offer on it.  I imagine they will have tons of offers so we are not holding our breath (plus if we get it, that means we have to move from this amazing location we are in now, which includes every restaurant/shopping I have ever heard of within just a few blocks.  It is awesome).

And here is a peak at the backyard:


  1. Counting the pool, the pond. tennis courts and trails... sound like a HUGE yard! Think of it less grass to cut? Crossing fingers and Happy Birthday Marty!!!

  2. So cute! I hope you get it. We miss you guys. Taryn whines every time we pass your house..."Mom, why did Adyson and Carter have to move?"

  3. So cool!!! Hope you get it!! Glad to see all of your updates!