Sunday, June 3, 2012

Santa Cruz

We took our first outing to the beach since we moved here.  We decided on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  The drive was about an hour and so beautiful.  We can't get over all the trees EVERYWHERE here.  This picture if pretty much terrible (time for a new camera!) but just shows the beauty we are surrounded by!
 I love this picture...swim trunks are a little too big, and he's having too much fun to care!  :)
 We didn't get wristbands or season passes, just let the kids choose 1 ride (they decided on the log flume).  It was a really fun day!
 Of course we couldn't pass up this giant donut on our way out.  :)
We took highway 1 up the coast to Half Moon Bay (a big surfing spot) on our way home.  So beautiful!  But it was much colder there with lots of fog and mist.
It was a great day!  Next up...someone cute turns SIX this week!

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