Sunday, June 24, 2012

Muir Park

My mom and I decided to take a drive to Muir Park (it took us about 45 minutes to get there) with the kids. I can't get over how beautiful it was!  WOW!  I know God's whole green earth is beautiful, but I am just noticing it so much here.
 These little chimpmunks were so cute!!  And everywhere. (Why aren't MICE this cute??  I kept thinking if they were mice, people would be screaming and running from them...instead everyone oohs and aahs at them and takes their picture!)  :)

 This is a hollowed out tree.

 See the owl?  He was sleeping and there was a small group of people looking/taking pictures of him and as soon as I snapped the picture, he looked right at me.  So fun!
 The kids had a little treasure hunt to do while we walked through the park, and this was the reward at the end (there is a little treasure box with a combination lock hidden behind this National Park Symbol).  It was a LOT of fun!

When we left the park, we saw a sign for Highway 1 and just took it on a whim across the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was amazing!  
and then stopped at the ocean for a bit.  It was a little cold, but fun nonetheless.
 And, of course, beautiful!  :)
Not sure what our next outing will be.  House stuff I suppose.  I think I found my flooring so as soon as we close on the house, it will just be boring house stuff for you to read about!  
My mom leaves tomorrow (boo!), and Marty will be home in a couple of days (yay!) so until then I will think of something fun to do.  Any suggestions?


  1. Wow! It really is beautiful there! I need to start planning our trip and decide where we want to camp in the redwoods... start asking the "locals" and let me know. I probably need to make reservations

  2. We have wanted to make a trip up to this national park for some time. How fun for you to live so close!!