Tuesday, June 12, 2012

House offer #5, and a few other fun pictures to share

So our storage unit is huge...10x30...and COMPLETELY full, floor to ceiling.  A few days ago, we thought maybe we would go look for a couple of things, but no chance!  :)  
 We were able to get my bike out and found out that Addison can ride it...freaks me out!  She's so big and so cute!  Love her.
 Carter turned SIX and had such a fun birthday week!  Love him.
The kids and I met one of my favorite people in San Francisco yesterday and spent the day together.
 We stopped on the wharf and watched a magic show....Carter was thrilled to be able to assist the magician!

The kids played in the sand and water while Jen and I were able to chat for a bit.

The whole day we were in the city, my real estate agent kept texting and calling me about a house that we were trying to decide if we wanted to put an offer on.
We just happened to drive by it on Sunday on our way to church and they were having an open house so we stopped in.  We liked it better than we thought we would (we had seen it online), and it was in the same neighborhood (and ward) as the last house we offered on so we let our agent know and told her we would think about it and get back to her.

*Keep in mind the last house had 30 offers and went for $100,000 over asking price (INSANE!) 

So, long story short, our agent called the listing agent yesterday and found out there were a couple of offers already.  So, we decided to just go for it and offer full price, nothing over.  That way if someone was going to go way over on this one too, we wouldn't be too sad because we really couldn't compete going that much over.
Our agent called us this morning to let us know 
we got it!

We have to laugh because the street is Morning Glory, which is totally a street name that could have come out of our Utah neighborhood (AND, we struggled with that stupid weed the entire 9 years we lived there!)  :)

It has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (totally bigger than what we were expecting), a 3 car garage, a pool, and needs a little work.  Exactly what we were looking for on paper.  I think it's going to be great.


  1. What an exciting week you've had! I'm so excited about the new house- Can't wait to come and visit!

  2. Caught up the entire San Fran Blog and am so thrilled that the search is over for a house. It looks great to me and your ideas will make it home for sure!!
    We are for sure coming the 3rd of July, leaving the 12th. I am praying that you will be able to make it at least a day or two and we can have that birthday cake for 6 and a picture of all. I think home made root beer is on the schedule too! Love to all!!