Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Weekend!

The kids and I drove out to the Oakland Zoo.  We had a good time!  They have a sky ride there so this picture was taken from up above.
 This giant turtle could have been the favorite animal of the day though.  He was HUGE and awesome!

 Cute little palm tree that we drive by when we get on the freeway and my kids are always like "oh, that's so cute!" so I took a picture so we could remember it.  Ya, I know...;)
We decided to drive out to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk beach again.  So did the rest of the state apparently.  There was SO. MUCH. TRAFFIC!!  It's normally about an hour and 15 minutes or so, but took us over 3 hours on Saturday!!  
 This is just a little inlet of the ocean.  The water was so dang cold!  No idea how the kids stayed in it for so long.

We celebrated FATHER'S DAY!
 Minecraft has been the game of choice around here lately, and Marty was glad to have uninterrupted play time all afternoon.
 The new grill...we needed one for our apartment, but this one will also be so great for the beach and camping.
 It was a great, happy weekend!
Grandma Vegas is coming in a few days and we can't WAIT!!!  

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  1. Oh my gosh Minecraft is the DEVIL around here!! My kids are grounded from it right now for two weeks. Do your kids play too or just Marty? Oh man I hate that game....Fun Father's Day though!