Wednesday, October 24, 2012

another surprise visitor!

Well, this is what our house looks like.  If only Marty could be in two places at once, or didn't need any sleep!  His work is cra-aaaa-zy.  He loves it and things are going great!  This is our dining room which actually now has about half of a floor, so it's coming along slowly.  
 We had stake conference a couple of weeks ago.  It is held at the temple auditorium, and, they make up these cute little books for the kids to color.  Obviously we are not in Utah where they would possibly go bankrupt printing books for all the kids.  :)

 I had to add this picture, because Carter waves in almost every single picture that I take and it's so cute!
 Super attractive, huh?  I had a little surgery done on my mouth last week and it was awesome.  :-/  Feeling much better now though.
 Addison is growing up right before my eyes.  She loves 4th grade, gymnastics, activity days and Girl Scouts.    Last week she had an at school "field trip" where they learned a bunch about California and had to memorize some facts and compete in a little friendly competition.  She wore this cute little pioneer dress and helped her team come in first place!  And then she went to Girl Scouts with her brand new vest.
 My mom decided to come visit for the weekend so we didn't tell the kids and she came and picked them up from school with me.  To say they were excited is an understatement.  So, so cute!!

Go GIANTS!  World Series Fever is in the air!


  1. How fun! Yes, they are growing!!!! Miss you guys!

  2. I want to make a surprise visit!!! We miss y'all!!!

  3. looks like so much fun. We miss you guys too!!!! I'm so glad you guys are getting some fun visitors. We lived in Kansas for 4 years and my Grandma came to visit us once. The house looks Great- are you doing wood floor in the dining room?