Thursday, October 11, 2012


Marty's parents drove out and surprised the kids last week!  We had so much fun with them!
This is the only picture I got of all of us together.  Of course we are EATING!  We did way too much of that!
We spent the day on Saturday in San Francisco at the pier for a boat parade in the bay,
and an air the air.  These are the Blue Angels.  Totally amazing!  They should not be able to fly that close, right?  Crazy!
The kids thought it was pretty fun for the first couple of hours, but after a while they looked like this (they are playing on our phones):
 On Sunday we went to Muir Woods

 and saw a couple of these awesome caterpillars walking around.
At first she was kind of scared of them but once she was able to pet it she wanted to bring it home.  We did not...pretty sure that would be discouraged, since you're not even allowed to take sticks out, but they were fun to visit!  (See,it's in her hand).

 And then we headed to the beach to spend time at/in the ocean.

Marty and the kids were throwing jelly fish back into the ocean and ended up losing our bucket in the process.  Somehow it made it's way back to the shore! 

 On Monday after school, we took the kids to a pumpkin patch with a cute little petting zoo.

We loved having them visit!  It was a great week that went by super fast!  Thanks for coming Grandma and Papa!

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