Thursday, January 31, 2013


Addison had an assignment for school to visit a landmark, and she chose Alcatraz, so while the kids were off school for Christmas break, we headed into the city and took a tour.  We have not even begun to scratch the surface of the amazing city of San Francisco, but we love it so much!
It was cold, and we got sprinkled on as we were heading back from Alcatraz, but really I have been pleasantly surprised at the weather in the city almost every time we have gone.  (We are on the other side of the Caldecott tunnel so we don't very often get fog or the same weather as the city).

 Carter actually did not love it.  He said it was scary!  The audio tour includes lots of sound effects and it kind of freaked him out.  His face in this picture is so funny.  When Marty and Addison went into a cell he kept saying "Get OUT!"  He was very worried that the cell would actually shut and they would be stuck.


  1. I have been to alcatraz several times and I LOVE it... such a fun trip and so interesting! Can't wait to come and explore the city with you guys--- this summer for sure!

  2. Cutie little Ms. Addie! I sure do miss you guys, but I am so excited that you are all having fun. Alcatraz was interesting, but I agree with Carter, it was pretty creepy.