Thursday, February 21, 2013

Season pass trip 2

We flew down to Southern California for a few days at the happiest place on earth (for my birthday!).  When we got on the plane the pilot whisked the kids away and put them in her seat.

 The best part of the trip?  Being with these guys!  LOVE!
 Carter loooooooves Pooh Bear!
 We went to Goofy's kitchen for dinner.  It was really fun!

 And look who else we ran in to?  We had no idea they were going to be there.  Cute Trevor and Addison!
 Although Tyler and Carter had the best time!  They have always loved each other.  Such cute kiddos!!
 I tried taking a few pictures of the girls in front of the castle on our last day there with them, but it was a little bright.  squint!
 On the train...these are a little better!

 Addison loves her dad!
 yay!  Carter got chosen to fight Darth Vader!  He loved every minute of it!
 and then got to build his very own light saber!

 Last pictures with the Jones' before we flew home.
 Again...we're facing the wrong way!  Guess we could have turned around.  oh well.
It was an awesome trip!  We can't wait to go back.

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  1. How fun! We will have to make a trip out your way that includes Disney :) can't wait to come visit!