Monday, March 18, 2013

We're still here!

I haven't posted for a month!  Time flies!  I have mostly just taken pictures on my phone so here they are to catch you up on the latest, sorry for the overload:

Addison has been reading like crazy lately!  She is sound asleep in this picture with her book still in her hands.

 I got to go to St. George to see my cute brother get put in as Bishop of his ward.  He's going to be great!  I love this picture of him and his 3 sons.

 Girl Scouts is still fun!

 Another park opened down the street from us.  yay!
 The beautiful city of San Francisco!
 We took the kids to the aquarium last week.
 These 2 pictures make me laugh.  Carter wanted his picture with this giant fish...
 but it's going to the bathroom...eewww...sorry Carter!  ;)
 The kids also rode the double decker merry-go-round at Pier 39 (top level of course, you can't see them up there it's too dark.)
 More funny pictures.  Story of our lives...

 The Bay bridge has some new light art project on it.  It actually looks pretty cool in real life!  :)
 Carter's favorite restaurant Rainforest Cafe.
 We had Stake Conference at the Oakland temple grounds 2 weeks ago.  It is so, so beautiful there!

 We are also loving the tennis courts.  And Carter is ALWAYS doing cart wheels.  He does them perfectly, even on one hand.

 Any time I go on a walk I am amazed by the beauty around me!

 Carter lost his first tooth.  YAY!  He is SO excited about it!

 Leprechaun traps are seriously business apparently.  No luck AGAIN this year!
 But they left treats which makes up for it.

So that's it for now.  We're doing great.  Appreciating this beautiful weather and hoping that Marty's work schedule slows down so we can spend time with him a little more and get stuff done around the house!  And maybe go to Disneyland again!  :)


  1. I LOVE seeing all the pictures! That Carter is such a cutie- but my favorite is the one of him being silly and Addisons face- :) Love you guys!!

  2. looks like fun!! Can't wait to join in ;)

  3. Always happy to see an update!

  4. Takes me as long to look as it does you to post! WOW, time is flying!!
    LOVE all of the pics, the fun, and of course Rain Forrest Cafe!! That was a hoot that Carter loved it too! SO, all caught up for now! Love you all!

  5. love seeing all the fun adventures your family is having. love seeing your kiddos grow!